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Our new awning fabrics collection 2018

Colors and designs with a personal touch

The new Rayos collection by the specialist for outdoor fabrics swela offers the awning of choice for everyone.

Rayos, that's the name of the new sun protection fabrics collection of the German manufacturer. It means "rays" and that is exactly what the designs of the collection do. Especially as soon as the sun comes out. They shine in all imaginable shades and offer everyone his favorite fabric, because individuality is very important in the collection.

"Our new awning collection offers the full color spectrum and designs with great brightness and brilliance. That's why we gave it the name RAYOS", says textile designer Miriam Arend. According to Arend, the collection offers classics that have been doing well for years, proven designs with a new look and also lots of modern design and trendy colors. Sales Director Wouter Hof therefore still sees the brand in the market as a trendsetter for design and quality. "In the collection we have focused on unis and dignified structured faux-unis, since the demand has grown strongly on the customer side over the last five years." Hof attributes this to today's purist architecture, which favors simple forms and clear color concepts.

The individual is trendy

That's why swela concentrated on developing its color competence when designing the collection. The selected color worlds yellow, orange, red, beige, blue, green, grey and black are imaged in all imaginable nuances. So a unique large selection of colors was created and thus the motto: Colours for all! "Fashion and furnishing trends have also arrived in the world of outdoor textiles. The living space, the house, the garden, the terrace and the balcony are no longer considered separately, but are matching in color and style - as individual and up-to-date as possible", explains Miriam Arend. One wants a different garden, another terrace than the neighbor. And in addition to that an awning with a personal touch in your favorite color, which may unfold generously on the wall.

Colors and designs for everyone

To emphasize the individuality of the collection, in addition to the large range of colors, each design has a female or male first name. So the end customer can choose the desired fabric and maybe even the favorite name. Wouter Hof knows that the personal touch is a high priority for many people today: "With Rayos you can choose the color you like. Because we bring the technical expertise to offer a wide range of colors with high-tech polyester, that does nobody else. We can therefore be responsive to individual requests and also pick up trendy colors." The awareness for this is also becoming clearer in the world of awnings.

Design with love to details

Thus, in the Rayos collection, modern accent colors in lime yellow, coral red and navy blue also meet popular noncolours in cream, beige, grey and white. All shades from decent to strong are better coordinated than before. The color palette is finely differentiated and consistent. In general, attention has been focused on details, explains Miriam Arend: "We worked on the yarn count of the patterned designs with great love and gave them even more expression and its own style with mini-coats, nubs or delicate longitudinal and horizontal stripes." Many new appealing fantasy and block stripes complement the collection: from the harmonious multicolor design in a 120 cm wide repeat, fine block stripes, tone-in-tone stripes, up to striped designs in trendy colors.

Fabric sunvas is popular with customers

Overall is the collection with its 195 articles, firmer, clearer and offers for industry and retailers with fabric hangers and photo cards, with swatch and textile collections a familiar quick orientation. The polyester fabrics sunvas and sunsilk are separated again in the sample books. Great space is given to the sunvas designs, because according to Wouter Hof, those fabrics are high demanded in the market. In recent years, the material has convinced a lot of customers with its positive properties. These include the soft and on cotton remembering handle, the simple tailoring of the fabric by gluing or sewing and also the tight seat of the fabric and its good winding behavior.

The more technical sunsilk, which is directed towards a specific target group with similarly positive characteristics, is represented in the collection with a small, trendy selection of designs.

Polyester, the fabric of the future

The finished high-tech polyester of swela seems to have prevailed on the market. Sales Manager Wouter Hof is definitely convinced that the change from acrylic to polyester five years ago was the right decision: "Polyester offers a lot of advantages, because the material is very robust and resistant. It is particularly tear and friction resistant, dimensionally stable and very elastic, but nevertheless thinner than acrylic and has thus a better winding behavior. As a result almost no washboard effect or hanging edges occur anymore.” In addition is the material easy to print on, easy to care for and brings a great, unrivaled variety of colours. "We believe polyester is clearly the superior fabric among technical textiles," says Hof. That is for what the new collection Rayos is living, with a very individual touch, a large range of colors as well as many modern designs with finely nuanced accents.

Different advertising media of Rayos
Different advertising media of Rayos

Miriam Arend (Design Studio) and Wouter Hof (Sales Director swela)