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A made to measure logo for the LAZARE restaurant (Paris, France)

SYSTEXX by Vitrulan
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The frame staged by talented interior designer Karine Lewkowicz, looks of the style and a soul to this vast space situated in facade of the station Saint-Lazare between both main staircases. For this neo-brewery, open from early morning to late in the evening, she created spaces adapted to every moment of the day, with in the centre, big elliptic bar afforested for apéros, solo and fast meals, sandwiches between two trains... The vast dining room of the LAZARE, intended to welcome lunches, dinners, tea time and breakfasts, is encircled by wooden bookcases full of dishes, creating a cosy and warm character.

And to emphasize the identity of this new place, the reception opens on the logo weaved in full letters, developed specifically by Vitrulan. This work in close collaboration with the interior designer offers a result everything in sharpness, underlined by an accurate lighting.

Resisting to micro-cracks, shocks and abrasion, the personalized wallcover SYSTEXX L65 offers an exceptional longevity to this stopping-off place. FDES, A + and fire resistance, make it the perfect and durable solution to any architectural concept of communicating walls. The size and the location of drawings and logos is defined in association with the interior designer.

A made to measure logo for the LAZARE restaurant (Paris, France)

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