The Invisible climate system tour 2018

Tekno Point
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Tekno Point presents the road show 2018

Tekno Point presents the 2018 Roadshow through Italy, called “ The future of building industry”.

The partnership between Tekno Point and Infoprogetto also renews for the 2018 the tour that the Venetian company will present through several stages.

This is the calendar:

Turin Bologna Rome Milan Padova Florence Venice Naples

6 march 22 march 29 march 4 april 10 may 22 may 12 july 18 october

The learning tour will mainly deal with the solutions that Tekno Point has studied to respond to the problems of architectural pollution and urban decorum. The name of these solutions are “Idra and Elfo”, the top models of the invisibile air conditioners line.

The two products are designed and conceived for historic centers and sensitive installation, as well as for prestigious buildings. Infacts their distintive feature is to have not visibile external units, which are installed inside the building.

They are the ideal answer to the planning demands that must respect the new laws about urban decorum and architectural pollution.

The roadswhows are particularly dedicated to architects, surveyors and engineers, who can get several formative credits.

During these training and debite events, are planned scientific interventions and round tables, where Tekno Point will propose design solutions and technical suggestions.

The Invisible climate system tour 2018