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Miedzyrzecz, Poland

Terra Group

Flower Tower

Międzyrzecz, the town in the western part of Poland, entrusted Terra Group the project of the urban space planting. As a part of the comprehensive service, the town received cleaned and preserved towers which were ready to be fixed in the chosen places. But let’s start from the very beginning.

In 2016, it was the first time when the town bought the Flower Towers from Terra Group. They were fixed in strategic places: in front of the municipality building, on the main promenade and on the most popular bridge. The citizens enjoyed the flower bowls so much that the third time in a row we took care of the Flower Tower planting for Międzyrzecz.

Trying to meet the requirements of our clients, we provided a complete planting service to Międzyrzecz. After blooming, we removed the towers from the town, storing, cleaning and maintaining them up in our warehouses so that they could present the highest quality of flower decorations in the next season. Our gardeners took care of planting new flowers in an appropriate moment so when they could be fixed in the urban space in the high growing phase. Then just unloading the towers and the town can please the citizens’ eyes with the flower decorations.

Do you have an idea to plant your city? Contact us! We will provide you with the Flower Towers of the highest quality and you will have the possibility to plant them up to get the best final effect.

Miedzyrzecz, Poland

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