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The Best Bar Ever!

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Cheers Bar

Although it’s been almost a month since the Food Truck Festival in Zielona Gora took place, we are still full of excitement. Today we remember our participation in this delicious event as well as our Cheers Bar by nuno’ni, which became the heart of the party.

Cheers Bar presents standards of the Polish brand nuno’ni. Modernity, originality, ecological materials, great design and above all functionality. The bar played its role as the stand really well, giving the thirsty people refreshing lemonade, dealing with the sunlight, load, dirt or even mechanical damage. It owes high resistance to polyethylene from which it was made. It is a hardened version of traditional plastic, light and durable at the same time. Transport and setting of the bar is not the problem at all!

The Best Bar Ever!

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