A pot with the seat function is our guest in the park

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Gianto Sito

Zielona Góra is the city mainly associated with good wine but also it is famous for a lot of greenery not only around the city but also in the more central parts of it. In one of numerous city parks we located our latest product- Gianto Sito.

Gianto Sito is a pot from the Urbano collection and it was classified to it not by coincidence. It is dedicated to the urban space which requires more innovative solutions. So-called urban furniture is a functional element but also it gives a reflection of the latest interior design trends on a macro level.

Except its look, solutions used in common space must meet some requirements. Gianto Sito with the basic function of a plant container can be also a seat. A unique extended rim makes it possible to take some rest and together with plants it positively influences people’s mood. This is how a perfect match has been created- 2 in 1!

A pot with the seat function is our guest in the park

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