TTM Rossi: the only ventilated facade without substructure

TTM Rossi
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You can realize your ventilated facade without substructure using TTM Rossi metal mesh ; a cheaper way with an optimal result.

The façades havean important role in urban construction because they determine the comfort in the acoustic sense of the inner environments and influence the architecture of the external context in which they are .

Ventilated facade claddings are born precisely with the aim of responding to the protection of a building against the combined action of atmospheric agents .

This kind of facade is used to construct a lot of buildings and can be realized in different ways and by different materials ; TTM Rossi metal mesh guarantees the realization without the sub-structure.

The wire mesh used as external cladding of facades, “dress up” trade, business or residential buildings like a second skin, while providing a functional and decorative element and by giving an architectonic structure of great originality and character.

Closed, opened or windows areas can be easily and low expense coated by metallic fabrics Architecture; any constructive geometry can accommodate panels of metal mesh, which in fact lend themselves to multiple modes of application:

- Flat panels with rectangular or shaped profiles, that develop planar geometries, tensioned vertically or horizontally by cables;

- Curved panels that follow the sinuous curved facades with concave and convex geometry;

- Three-dimensional panels with helical or faceted geometry, allowing maximum freedom of action, allowing to create multiform and articulated covers for facades.

The constructive features of the ventilated facades made by TTM Rossi metal mesh, such as lightness, durability, ease of laying and great compositional freedom, make them, as we have said, suitable for multiple uses for both new buildings and the upgrading of existing ones .

Ventilated façades are not only more and more embedded in projects of internationally renowned architects and designers, but also bring considerable benefits both in terms of wall durability (UV and stain and mold strength) and in terms of efficiency energy, especially in the case of highly developed buildings in height or heavily exposed or isolated.

Exterior facade
Exterior facade

Exterior facade realized with TTM Rossi metal mesh

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