Cast iron Christmas tree holder

THPG - Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft
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Made to be used, cared for and inherited from generation to generation: Swedish Christmas tree stand.

A solid piece of handwork, unique in its form and execution. This Christmas tree stand is made of grey cast iron: the moulds are filled with a particularly sharp filling, which makes it possible to cast very fine objects. The high carbon content of the mixture is due to the beautiful silver-grey colour of the material, which is further strengthened by a treatment of the surface with graphite. Finished inside with zinc paint, the stand is protected against rapid rusting. It weighs 12 kg and holds, especially when filled with water, even very tall trees absolutely safe; the trunk is fixed in the middle of the ground by means of a pin and centered with three heavy brass screws.

Grey cast iron, hand-crafted in sand casting process in a lost mould. Screws and internal mandrel made of brass. Height 18 cm, 33 cm Ø, neck inside 9 cm Ø. Weight 12 kg. Volume 5 litres. Suitable for trees up to 3.20 m high.

Christmas tree stand cast iron
Christmas tree stand cast iron

Christmas tree stand cast iron - detail

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