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Enjoy a completely new experience with large-flow sprinklers


In this day and age, shower spaces are no longer regarded as purely functional areas. They are now built as areas that can surprise users, spaces in which they can relax and/or revitalise both body and soul.

For your shower area, Tres Grifería proposes modern, recessed large-flow shower sprinklers made of stainless steel with a resistant chrome-plated finish and an ultra-flat design. You will find them as new additions to our 2016 catalogue-price list, available in round, square and rectangular shapes, with multiple types of water jet (rain, waterfall, double waterfall and spray). Thanks to the perfect distribution of the jets and our flow rate limiters, the shower water envelopes the whole body at no additional cost, making even small shower cabins seem larger than they really are. And on top of that, some sprinklers can create “ambiences”, as they can be combined with LED lights that colour the water, practically converting the shower into a spa with colour therapy.

Ceiling-mounted showers are a modern solution for small bathrooms. They are not only attractive and save space, but also make showering more comfortable and enjoyable.

Enjoy a completely new experience with large-flow sprinklers

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