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Exclusivity for the most avant-garde kitchens


Each kitchen has its own shape and style, thereby reflecting the lifestyle and taste of its owner. If you are planning to change the appearance of your kitchen without executing any building work, to make it look more cosmopolitan and elegant, TRES proposes a wide selection of taps for the sink area, with different coloured finishes such as Stainless Steel and Matte White which are included in the EXCLUSIVE section of our 2015 Kitchen Price List. Designs that will blend in well with all kitchen styles, and the option of choosing between high, low or detachable spouts and folding or recessed taps.

Kitchen tap fittings play an important part of everyday life in kitchens. They are probably one of the most frequently-used elements in the kitchen and normally subject to considerable wear and tear. Those who know this want only modern products of the highest quality that will guarantee safety and ease in operation, without settling for less. The useful life of the tap components is very important, but ensuring that drinking water remains unaltered until it emerges from the tap is also a relevant factor for the health of consumers.

For this reason, every year our fittings and premises are tested by the major quality certification bodies, to prove to consumers that they are manufactured in keeping with the legislation.

We offer you a broad range of EXCLUSIVE tap finishes that will be the centre of attention and easily blend in with all the kitchen elements. Your new sink fittings will bring you many hours of contentment for a long time to come.

Exclusivity for the most avant-garde kitchens

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