An original cantilever lighting glass staircases

Trescalini (by CasaLux)
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A modern sculpture in this small living room

In this very special project in collaboration with Frederic Hamerlak architect, the challenge was to implement staircases in a very short space and hopper, meanwhile preserving the volume of the house. At the same time, client was looking for a nice and graphic object that should bring something more to this city house of Paris region. Thus, we designed and installed an Aero cantilever staircases with shifted glass steps lighted by led rgb. The light effect is boosted with the embedded stainless steel handrail on the wall which is also lighted with led rgb. Le jeu de lumière est accentué avec une main courante inox encastrée côté mur et aussi lumineuse grâce à l'intégration de l'aideThe result brings a special contemporary touch to the living room where the stairs become not only a usual object but a modern sculpture giving spirit to the place

General living room view
General living room view

The Aero stairs is integrated in a cosy ambient of wood, whte laquered open kitchen and fabric

Intense light in the dark

As led rgb is an ambient (soft) light, it comes up to be impressive in the dark with the Aero stairs as you see only floating light

Shifted steps make it unique

Combination of Aero stairs with shifted steps create a very graphic vix of the project

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