Refurbishment of the saturated substrate with Triflex ProDrain

Triflex GmbH & Co. KG
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The contractors from Deurotherm Isolierungen GmbH opted for the balcony uncoupling system Triflex ProDrain for the refurbishment of a balcony in a private household in Feldkirchen. Over the space of just three days they created long-term reliable waterproofing across an area of 40 m2 to permanently protect it from moisture, and all that without the usual noise and dust. The high-quality design is also extremely appealing to look at. Given the time and costs savings and the reliable ventilation of the saturated substrate, the balcony uncoupling system from Triflex proved to be the ideal solution.

The polyurethane coating which was on the surface of the terrace before the refurbishment work had become leaky and was no longer able to withstand the cracks in the screed substrate. For this reason, an uncoupling system was required which would allow the trapped moisture to escape. Due to the surrounding parapet wall, ventilation via a front plate was not possible and had to be done via the wall junction.

Waterproofing requirements:

• Transportation of the penetrated moisture out of the substrate

• Long-term reliable protection against moisture

• Crack-bridging system

• Low-maintenance, visually appealing system

• High mechanical strength

In order to satisfy the refurbishment demands, the balcony uncoupling system Triflex ProDrain was chosen. The Minden-based manufacturer developed this refurbishment-friendly special solution especially for saturated substrates on balconies and terraces. The moisture is drained off as water vapour via the channels of the uncoupling membrane soaked in epoxy resin (EP) in order to allow the substrate to dry out. The client benefits from an economic and quick solution as expensive demolition work is avoided and there is no dirt or dust.

The advantages of the balcony uncoupling system Triflex ProDrain:

• Uncoupling of the substrate to ventilate the moisture

• Demolition work is avoided and the existing covering is preserved

• Simple system design with quick curing resins

• Ideal for refurbishments

• Short closure periods

• Coloured finishes are possible in combination with the balcony waterproofing system Triflex BTS-P

• Non-slip surface

Refurbishment of the saturated substrate with Triflex ProDrain

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