NEW: complete system chimney flue by Ubbink

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The concentric CLV system is a collective chimney system especially for apartment buildings. It brings combustion air to the boilers on each floor and evacuates the individual flue through one common flue duct.

The PP rigid inner ducts are suitable for condensing gas and oil boilers with a maximum flue temperature of 120 °C. The outer ducts are made of galvanized steel. The system has a H1 tightness class which enables operation with positive pressure. This reduces the required diameters compared to a negative pressure system.

T-pieces with 1 or 2 boiler connections (90° or 180°) are available. Each T-piece contains a compensator to absorb the elongation and shrinking of the PP flue pipes due to temperature variations.

A special ring in the T-piece ensures that condensate flows back to each individual boiler. This limits drying-out of boiler siphons which are out of operation.

A telescopic pipe makes it easier to adjust the length to the height of the room.

An optional inspection opening at the bottom guarantees an easy access.

Features and benefits

For multiple boiler installation (positive-pressure)

Room sealed (type C) operation

Connection up to 20 boilers

Maximum 2 boilers per floor

Reduced diameter for the flue pipes

Telescopic pipes for easy adjustment to room height

Special ring in T-piece limits drying-out of boiler siphons

NEW: complete system chimney flue by Ubbink

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