Urbi et Orbi

Concrete washbasin

CALDERA washbasin is made of cast concrete. Design by Valentino Marengo for Urbi et Orbi collection 2017.

Available in six shades (light gray, gray, dark gray, anthracite, ivory, brown Beige).

D:43,5cm - base:33cm - H 12cm

CALDERA washbasin was born by the combination of a traditional ancient shape and standing.

The contemporary legs bring this object to the present .

Concrete isn’t a temporary trendy material… it’s a permanent value. Each concrete object acquires value thanks to its uniqueness, its character, its appearance.

Concrete is everywhere! It has past, present and future.

The research for new improved cement mixtures never ends. The cement industries are investing to innovative new products, special for design except the buildings.

We believe that concrete is the material whose the features has no limits.

We continuously discover more design features thanks to its properties. We are modifying the industrial appearance of concrete in different shapes, colors, forms, textures and finally… characters. It could be combined perfectly in any place, in any style.

We believe in the nature of concrete. We respect the essentials of it and we are accepting them as they are.

CALDERA concrete washbasin
CALDERA concrete washbasin