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Bahia: the new outdoor sunbed


Light and contemporary, designed with simple and essential lines.

These are the distinguishing features of the new outdoor sunbed

Bahìa, ideal for a quiet and relaxed environment.

The structure consists of two parallel rounded sections, which

support a light canvas of woven technical fabric for outdoor,

designed and produced exclusively by Varaschin: VAR#TEX.

The fabric seems to be just leaned against the sunbed frame,

thanks to the innovative fastening method of the textile to the

lateral stanchion tubes. This effect emphasizes the lightness of

the piece, a core feature of the Bahia sunbed.

The feet recall the tube shape and are slightly spaced out from

the main frame, to evoke once again the delicateness and the

essential grace of the product. In Bahìa sunbed project, the

clean design meets the attention to detail, both in the resting

position and in the sitting one.

Bahia: the new outdoor sunbed

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