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VICLEAN - The innovative electronic bidet seats by Villeroy&Boch

Villeroy & Boch
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Villeroy&Boch sets trends in bathroom design and culture in Europe. With ViClean-U, ViClean-U+ and ViClean-L we are now adopting what has long since been the norm in Asia: electronic bidet seats, the clever combination of WC and bidet. Water rather than paper is used for cleaning, resulting in a completely new, confident feeling of cleanliness.

The three new electronic bidet seats from Villeroy&Boch offer impressive hygiene and comfort. ViClean-U & ViClean-U+ stand for the ultimate in honed technology. ViClean-L sets new standards in design. Discover the cleansing power of water – and an inspiring new bathroom culture.!

ViClean-U & ViClean-U+ - The high-tech version for ultimate convenience

◾Fully equipped to meet the highest comfort and hygiene requirements for comprehensive wellbeing.

◾A clear-cut, compact design with clean lines.

◾Numerous patented functions, which can be individually adjusted.

◾Efficient use of resources at the same time as optimum cleaning performance.

◾Developed to match the Subway 2.0 & Vivia wall-mounted WC.

◾Alternatively with concealed supply connections.

VICLEAN - The innovative electronic bidet seats by Villeroy&Boch

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