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Designer bathroom sink for highest standards – Octagon: A precision masterpiece

Villeroy & Boch

Together with the high-quality surface covering the free-standing column, Octagon is the absolute design highlight for any bathroom. Designer Kai Steffan: “We have created a fascinating masterpiece with Octagon. The product combines an extremely thin body, precise facets and bold materials harmoniously blended together to create a unique design highlight.”

TitanCeram – Exceptional design highlight using the best ceramic quality

TitanCeram is a new material, in which Villeroy & Boch uses 265 years of experience in the manufacturing of ceramics for specific use in high-quality premium designs. TitanCeram allows sanitary products with exceptionally precise forms, extremely thin walls and sharply drawn edges. TitanCeram''s special manufacturing processes and combination of clay, quartz, feldspar and titanium oxide make it possible.

Octagon – Delicate perfection

The octagon, the symbol of perfection since antiquity, is uniquely placed in a ceramic form in our Octagon bathroom sink. The result is a true masterpiece of precision and craftsmanship, taking full advantage of the innovative TitanCeram material: precise angles, thin walls and precise facets in a new type of ceramic with fine matt Edelweiss colouring. In doing so, the facets in the wash bowl create an impressive effect with their diamond-like patterns.

Octagon is rounded off by its impressive column, which comes in an exclusive selection of high-quality covers. Whatever style you prefer, the select wood veneer Dark Chestnut, the fine Mocha Leather or the extravagant Smoky Slate stone veneer will give your bathroom sink an exclusive note. A decorative copper ring between the sink and column will make sure that the cover sits perfectly and shines as a further design element of this eye-catcher. An integrated ceramic valve rounds off the harmony of the overall design. Every one of these design highlights is custom manufactured for your order.

Designer bathroom sink for highest standards – Octagon: A precision masterpiece

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