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wedi Fundo now also available for wooden coverings

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Time and again, installers also encounter floor structures with wooden beams in bathrooms – be it when renovating old buildings or in new buildings featuring wooden structures. With Fundo Ligno, wedi offers tradesmen the right system even for this particular requirement. The floor-level shower element, which is just 20 millimetres thick in the border area, is designed to be suitable for plans on wooden coverings. Thanks to its special, slim construction, it does not build up to any unnecessary height and can be integrated in the cover layer with ease. There is sufficient space for the stronger constructive part of the element around the drain between the load-bearing beams. Five different dimensions in combination with three different drain positions provide leeway when it comes to the design and make Fundo Ligno "compatible" with virtually every beam position. Following the successful Fundo Plano (the complete system when it comes to renovating old buildings with a minimised overall height of just 65 millimetres), Fundo Ligno is thus presenting itself as another real problem-solver from wedi.

Guaranteed impermeability of the system

Even in wet rooms, the impermeability of the building materials used plays a key role. This requirement becomes especially interesting when it is taken into account in conjunction with wooden coverings. It is here that the benefits of the Fundo Ligno system especially come into their own. As with all Fundo elements, this floor-level shower element is also 100 per cent watertight and has an integrated, continuous and precisely even slope. The Fundo drains and the Fundo sealing set, in which everything for reliable sealing of the shower element in the transition area to the floor and to the wall is included, offer proven system reliability.

wedi Fundo now also available for wooden coverings

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