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Meet Ludmila, Our New RFID Reader for Intercoms

Anna Petrušková
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Something that looks like a minor detail could have a huge impact on how the whole product functions. This is just the case with our own brand-new RFID reader.

For us, the standard options were simply not enough. Nobody could deliver exactly what we wanted. So we developed it ourselves and are now proud to present the very best reader for intercoms. We called it Ludmila.

With Ludmila, we guarantee maximum reliability. We speeded up reading time and the time taken to check scanned data and also increased its reading range. Users will find that the reader is up to two times faster.

The new 13.56 MHz reader for our 2N® IP Force intercom is available in two versions. The first is the standard 13.56 MHz version with NFC support (9151031), the second is a secure version (9151031S). The secure reader can also read secure HID SEOS cards.

Ludmila can communicate with a wide range of access cards, including cards using the ISO 15693 standard. It can also communicate with smartphones that have our 2N® Mobile Key application installed.

But it doesn’t just simply stop there for our new RFID reader. We are already working on adapting Ludmila for use with all our IP intercoms and access control readers.

Get some advance stock of the new reader and give your customers amazingly fast authentication.

Meet Ludmila, Our New RFID Reader for Intercoms

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