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A 3S design kitchen - with a 3S magnet splashback in the centre

3S design
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Backsplash, made for magnetic accessories

This beautiful kitchen was designed in our 3S design studio. In its centre you can find a beautiful, 5m long splashback, made of 3S magnet wall panels. The splashback is fireproof and easy to clean.

However, the biggest potential the 3S magnet wall panels have is that you can place any of our 70 magnetic shelves, hooks and hangers on them, without using one tool.

3S magnet backsplash with magnetic accessories
3S magnet backsplash with magnetic accessories

A beautiful kitchen, designed by 3S design studio, with a blue-gray backsplash and magnetic accessories.

Magnetic accessories above the sink

Magnetic kitchen accessories, that will organize your kitchen in no time.

3s magnet magnetic shelf and kitchen towel hanger

Magnetic shelf in white colour and solid oak wood kitchen towel hanger

Magnetic wooden planter

3S Magnet - magnetic wooden planter for indoors.

Magnetic wooden planter and a connection between two panels