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Airfal migrates CSR Report over to G4

Airfal International S.L.
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Airfal migrates CSR Report over to G4

Airfal International is updating its Corporate Social Responsibility Report and migrating over to the G4 version of the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines. Airfal is a member of this independent international community that sets standards for corporate responsibility reports around the world. This document reports on all past, present and future actions in the field of CSR, both at the company and further afield.

Airfal International is updating its Corporate Social Responsibility Report and releasing a new edition after having migrated over to the G4 rules of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Since Airfal was set up, CSR has been key to the development and corporate policies of the company as part of its ongoing desire to contribute to society and improve the Airfal team.

The Global Reporting Initiative is an independent international institution that created the first global standards for drafting sustainability reports. It is also an official collaborating centre of the United Nations Environment Programme. This model is used by socially responsible companies around the world and is the most highly recognised by institutions. Airfal has already been associated with the GRI for many years and, this year, migrated over to G4 as a demonstration of its enormous commitment to social responsibility.

The fourth version of the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines seeks to help report authors draw up significant sustainability reports that contain useful information on the most important aspects of their company. In this way, each company can provide an exhaustive analysis of the situation at the company, its strengths and areas with room for improvement, and present this information in an ordered and structured manner.

The G4 report is a self-imposed obligation for Airfal due to the importance given by the company to CSR and its commitment to transparency and accessibility for clients, suppliers and partners. Hence, the Airfal G4 Report is available on the Airfal website in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German, as well as on the GRI website.

Social luminaires

30 years ago, the Colegio de Educación Especial Vértice (now the José Luis Zazurca Foundation) asked the Aragon-based company for material it could work with. The José Luis Zazurca Foundation is a non-profit organisation stemming from a Parents’ Association that was set up in 1974 to meet the education needs of persons with mental disabilities and provide support to their families.

Seeing that this population segment was growing up and needed specific and specialised resources, a decision was reached to create the José Luis Zazurca Foundation. The foundation was set up on 21 November 1998 and was finally registered and recognised as an official foundation by the General Council of Aragon on 9 July 1999.

Economic growth by Airfal has been accompanied by a growing involvement in society. The company now works with a total of nine foundations, which assemble 65% of its luminaires. Furthermore, Airfal created an occupational workshop on its own premises several years ago, where approximately 10 users of the foundation now work.

Rey Ardid - persons with mental health problems. This work is essential for standardising their situation and fostering integration into the labour market, given that work routines at this workshop are the same as those of Airfal employees. In fact, two users have since joined the Airfal workforce in the last two years, and others have gone on to join other companies. Furthermore, a work enclave was opened at another Airfal warehouse in May 2016 for students of the Special Employment Centre of the Picarral Foundation - SERPI. The purpose of this Employment Training Centre is to improve the employability of young people with learning difficulties or slight mental disability. A total of six young people work there. In addition to all this work, Airfal donates 2% of its profits to the charity Atades Huesca.

Airfal is committed to its family

Airfal has always been characterised for being a very family-orientated company, not only because of the ties that unite its shareholders but also because of its small size and the strong bonds between the entire workforce. Airfal seeks to be a company where people are happy to work and from which they get a strong sense of belonging. Hence, many of the policies implemented by the company are aimed at employee satisfaction, such as the “No less than 1,200 gross per month” Plan, an employee transport service and working hours that aim to achieve work-life balance for employees.

Other outstanding initiatives from the company include flexible holiday periods and a bonus based on the annual profits posted by the company. Furthermore, constant communication takes place with all members of the workforce via e-mail and a monthly newsletter was launched in 2016 to report on news and other events at the company.

In order to also foster a sense of belonging, coaching days were offered during the course of 2016 delivered by professionals who worked with staff on empathy and critical self-analysis aimed at self-improvement that could benefit the team as a whole.

Airfal is also undergoing drastic organisational change that seeks to make work easier for all its staff and increase company productivity. This ongoing process now involves working with the School of Business Transformation for Change Management and involves the whole workforce.

Sustainability and environmental respect

Airfal is also highly committed to caring for the environment and tries to ensure that its operations do not cause it harm. Hence, Airfal is a member of Ecolum, a foundation engaged in the correct management of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Through this membership, we ensure that waste complies with regulations and is re-used in the best possible way.

The company has also been working on an energy efficiency plan under advice from an external company with a view to saving energy at its facilities and developing low-consumption products based on luminaires that use the latest technology, such as LED technology.

Airfal migrates CSR Report over to G4

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