NEW: proximity card reader by Alphatronics

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The carrier is identified using low-frequency interaction between the antenna in the carrier and the reader. The card is a passive component, also called a transponder, without a battery. The energy necessary for the card to send information to the reader is drawn from the electromagnetic waves the reader sends out. Reading is therefore done completely without contact and therefore without mechanical wear and tear and maintenance.

The chip embedded in the card has a unique code, one of 4 trillion possible codes and is therefore extremely secure and impossible to copy. A RFID card is as thin as a standard credit card and insensitive to scratches or magnetism. If so desired, it can be printed with text, logos or (passport) pictures. As an alternative to a card, there are also designs featuring key chains or chip modules.

The Alphatronics ProXat-50 reader is an inconspicuous, elegant card reader. It is supplied with a serial interface which allows for a direct connection to the Alphatronics controllers.

• Possibility of integration with Software Development Kit

NEW: proximity card reader by Alphatronics