Bathe in Luxurious Audio

Babs Moore
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Modern Interior

What better way to relax than in a warm bath, with a glass of something cold and your favourite music playing soothingly, enveloping the room in sound.

Dripping in class, this high-end property in Barnes spares no expense when it comes to bathing in luxury. From the open wet-rooms, clad in marble, to the silver taps and chandeliers in the ‘his & hers’ bathrooms, design is obviously at the forefront when it comes to the ultimate bathing experience.

This property has it all, including Amina Invisible Loudspeakers ready to play in any room at the touch of a button, without ever detracting from the immaculate design. Installed in the perfectly finished ceilings, the speakers are fully sealed against moisture from the steaming bath and invigorating shower. Making use of combination of Amina Evolution and Developer Series Invisible Loudspeakers across the property, the AV design offers a flawless listening experience.

Adorned in marble, with glass and highly polished metal at every turn, this bathroom provides a highly reflective, acoustically harsh environment, but that proves no challenge for the Amina speakers, which use a VPT (Vibrational Panel Technology) design to provide crystal clear audio in even the harshest of environments. Sound is evenly distributed throughout the space, creating a beautifully natural wash of music, perfect for a relaxing bath.

With design cues seamlessly linking bedrooms to the en-suite washrooms, music follows the listener wherever they go. Driven by Savant, whether the music is providing a background ambience or is at full volume, this property will give a perfect high fidelity invisible audio solution to its lucky owner.

Bathe in Luxurious Audio

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