Impressive Room Divider concept receives a Red Dot product design award

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Innovative pivot hinges for impressive ‘Room Dividers’

An innovative 360° pivot hinge was developed for Anyway Doors’ impressive ‘room divider’ concept. This enables the creation of extra-large doors or walls without built-in parts in the floor. The pivot hinges are attached on top of the finished floor and are invisibly incorporated in the door or wall. They are equipped with a mechanical comfort catch with automatic 90° positioning to lock the door or wall when open. The pivot hinges enable feather-light operation of an element weighing up to 150 kg, opening/swinging in both directions, or as desired limited to one single turning direction.

According to the situation, the doors or walls can pivot eccentrically or centrally. In case of an eccentric pivot point this is minimum 250 mm from the edge. If the width exceeds 1300 mm, 1/3 ratio is kept to because of stability. A centrally pivoting door or wall is ideally balanced and has the advantage of turning endlessly through 360° like a merry-go-round.

During development the aim was simple mounting in the door or wall by means of a slight built-in height of 40 mm and a width of 25 mm, for an extensive application area. Attachment to the finished floor is done with 2 bolts and plugs up to a depth of ± 35 mm. This allows for applications in new-build as well as renovation, regardless of the floor structure or the presence of under-floor heating, etc.


* modular pivot hinge 90° - 180° - 360°

* built-in 90° positioning

* Doesn't require built-in parts to either floor or ceiling

* Compact system (easy integration in virtually any frame or panel)

* maximum load +-150kg ( up to 5.5m² )

Modular Anyway locking technology

Anyway doors close soundlessly by means of patented locking technology integrated in the door as well as in the minimalist frame. The male (convex) part consists of a synthetic profile on the door leaf; the synthetic fitting in the door frame is the female (concave) part. Every Anyway door can therefore be set at an opening of 90°, or 180°/360°. Even with doors swinging at 180°/360°, this guarantees perfect closure and positioning.


Impressive Room Divider concept receives a Red Dot product design award

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