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NEW: profiled metal sheet by ArcelorMittal Flat

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Exceptional protection - even on cut edges - in the harshest environments

Magnelis® is simply an exceptionally versatile metallic coated steel.

It provides amazing levels of surface and cut-edge corrosion protection

even in the most hostile of environments.

 excellent corrosion resistance - at least 3 times better than

galvanised steel in external applications

 excellent forming behaviour thanks to a lower friction coefficient to

galvanised steel and very good adhesion of Magnelis® coating

 complete edge protection from the self-healing properties of

Magnelis® on cut edges

 more cost-effective than batch galvanised steels, due to simple


 lower zinc run-off than galvanised steel: better for the environment

 up to 20 years warranty for roofing and cladding in marine

environments and up to 25 years for inland applications (more

than 2000 m from the coast)

The remarkable corrosion resistance of

Magnelis® allows it to be used across a range

of structural applications (light steel framing,

ventilated facade supports, composite floors,

solar system supports), but also for roofing and

cladding in corrosive environments such as

coastal buildings, agricultural buildings and

water transport systems.

For civil engineering applications, Magnelis®

offers a cost effective substitute for batch

galvanised steel and in the transport sector

Magnelis® is widely used for safety barriers,

lighting poles, road signs, sound barrier fences

and many other items.

NEW: profiled metal sheet by ArcelorMittal Flat

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