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NEW: profiled metal sheet by ArcelorMittal Flat

ArcelorMittal Flat
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Designed for standing seam applications with excellent formability,

even at low ambient temperatures

 excellent formability even at low temperatures down to -10°C with similar ductility

to pure zinc sheets but at an affordable price

 excellent corrosion resistance

 architectural quality thanks to a regular pattern of thin lines created

by the standing seam technique

 allows sophisticated shapes to cover curved, convex or concave

surfaces including deep drawing

 hidden fastenings

 easy and quick to install, assemble and bend

Granite® HFX Cool - is an organic coated product


Primarily standing seam roofs, but also rainwater systems (gutters, downpipes

and accessories).

Standing seam roofs (or walls) use continuous metal panels running from ridge

to eaves with interlocking and overlapping ‘seams’ that offer both excellent

weather resistance and distinctive, unbroken visual aesthetics. HFX products are

ideal for these applications because of their ductility and malleability, even at

low temperatures, as well as their durability. This allows rapid and effective

creation of the seam whether pre-formed off-site, or formed on site.


From our paint coated steel family where colour is required to match the

environment surroundings - has an optimised, flexible 55-micron paint system

combined with a flexible steel grade (DX54D ‘minimum recommended’ and

above) that can withstand deformation and weathering. Granite® HFX Cool

comes with up to 20 years’ warranty.

NEW: profiled metal sheet by ArcelorMittal Flat

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