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Granite® HDXtreme

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Extremely beautiful, extremely durable: the new pre-painted flat steel for roofs and façades, 70 to 75 μm coating, is the best-in-class in UV and corrosion protection, created for very severe environments including sea side.

ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products has created a new product designed for use in extreme climates. Granite® HDXtreme is the latest pre-painted steel in ArcelorMittal’s organic coated Granite® range. It has a coating system that provides high protection against UV and corrosion.

The steel is designed for roofs and façades even close to the sea, and its performance is guaranteed for up to 40 years. Chromates and heavy metals-free, and 100% recyclable, Granite® HDXtreme is highly sustainable: it has a lower CO2 footprint compared with alternative solutions such as aluminium. Customers ordering Granite® HDXtreme can also purchase XCarb™ green steel certificates alongside their order of physical steel, allowing customers to report an equivalent reduction in their Scope 3 emissions.

The strength of Granite® HDXtreme comes from its 75µm three-layer coating system. Each layer performs a different but integral function. The primer layer plays a key role in corrosion protection. On top of that is a basecoat, which ensures the steel’s durability and provides the final colour. The coating is finished with a layer of varnish which adds texture to the coating, increases durability and surface robustness, and enhances the UV weathering potential of Granite® HDXtreme.

Weathering resistance

Granite® HDXtreme already exceeds the requirements of the latest European standards. Its exceptional UV resistance offers colour stability for many years.

Automatic guarantees

ArcelorMittal’s extensive experience and testing, including in highly corrosive seafront locations, translates into a long-term guarantee of up to 40 years for Granite® HDXtreme. The guarantee is applicable to roofs and facades as well as the installation of rooftop photovoltaic modules.

Three finishes, more than 50 colours

Granite® HDXtreme is available in a huge palette of colours and three different finishes: satin, matt and sparkling. Built together with architects and designers, these colours and aspects will bring to reality any kind of creation, such as elegant architectural metallised facades.

Samples of Granite® HDXtreme are already available through our online sample shop.

Granite® HDXtreme, the best steel for seaside cladding creations
Granite® HDXtreme, the best steel for seaside cladding creations

Granite® HDXtreme brings aesthetics, long durability, UV and corrosion protection and colour stability in very severe environments including sea side.

The Indi building in Gent (Belgium) is cladded with cassettes made of Granite® HDXtreme

ArcelorMittal Gent has just finalised one of the first buildings in Europe cladded with Granite® HDXtreme (Satin finish). As the Indi building is located on ArcelorMittal’s Gent campus, close to the industrial environment of the mill and the sea, Granite® HDXtreme was the ideal choice.

Granite® HDXtreme colour palette has three different aesthetics and over 50 colours

Granite® HDXtreme is available in three different aesthetic finishes: Satin (X): a grained satin finish available in either 15 or 30 gloss units (GU) on a 75 μm coating. Matt (M): a fine wrinkle finish on a 70 μm coating. The Matt finish has a gloss of less than 10 GU. Sparkling (S): a unique grained and metallic finish on a 75 μm coating. The Sparkling finish has a gloss of 30 GU.

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