How to Photograph Your Own Interiors

Hilary Edesess
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Architects develop an eye and sense of aesthetics that can be transferred to photography relatively easily, according to Simon Kennedy, London-based architecture and interiors photographer.

Kennedy began his career as an architect, but then shifted his focus to photography, with now more than 15 years of experience. He has been commissioned to photograph works for architectural firms, networks and publications including The BBC, Sheppard Robson Architects, Rivington Street Studio, Haptic Architects, Coup de Ville Architects, Architecture Today, Building Design and more.

Kennedy spoke with ArchiExpo e-Magazine about how architects and interior designers can take professional looking photos of their own interiors. He discusses how to capture the best representation of a space, what equipment to use and the challenges of looking at one’s own work with the critical eye of a photographer. Have a listen.

Courtesy of Simon Kennedy
Courtesy of Simon Kennedy

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