Rainer Mutsch: Drawing Form from Matter

Hilary Edesess
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“Before I make the first sketch, it’s important to know the company’s DNA, about its production possibilities and what makes the company unique,” Mutsch told ArchiExpo.

”It should make sense the product is for this specific company to manufacture.”

When Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch creates for a company, he allows the qualities of the company and material it specializes in drive the design. Mutsch, who opened his Vienna design studio in 2008 after working as senior designer for Werner Aisslinger in Berlin, has created furniture for companies who focus on finding or developing quality material.

“I like to make objects that are capable of transporting the material. The design shouldn’t try something that the material is not capable of.”

Flexible and Asbestos-free

Mutsch developed the modular outdoor furniture collection Dune for Eternit in 2010 from the eponymous fiber-cement panels the company originally developed for roofs and siding. The 3-D-molded Dune collection consists of three different lounge chairs and a low table.

Eternit, invented in Austria at the end of the 19th century, is 100% recyclable and made from the natural components cellulose, fiber, water and cement. It is lightweight and resistant to frost and fire. Its entire product line uses an asbestos-free new technology.

Courtesy of Rainer Mutsch
Courtesy of Rainer Mutsch

Dune. Courtesy of Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch.

Soft by Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch.

Cliffy by Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch.

Aeon by Rainer Mutsch

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