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Euroluce—What’s Hot in the World of Lighting

Mairi Beautyman
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In tomorrow’s world of lighting product design, technical advances combine with unexpected ideas in both the decorative and architectural lighting markets as seen at Euroluce 2019.

Sunday marked the conclusion of the international lighting event that runs every two years beside furnishings

fair Salone del Mobile. Two of the lamps here took their inspiration from architecture, a trend that could be simmering. We also saw complex geometry and an idea that took inspiration from Lego. Here are four of our favorite finds.

Fienile by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan

Satin-anodized aluminum Fienile—which is Italian for barn or hayloft—from Luceplan is designer Daniel Rybakken’s tribute to his grandfather, who had a similarly pitched roof barn. The collection includes indoor table lights in two sizes as well as two outdoor floor lights. Photo courtesy of Luceplan.

“The brief from Luceplan was to do a centerpiece lamp,” Rybakken told ArchiExpo e-Magazine during the design event.

If you think about the classics, most of them are cylindrical with asymmetrical round vertical axis but they are often placed on things that have a directional focus like a long table, long shelf or sideboard. Taking my references from something completely different—architecture—I created direction. With the roof, pillars, and facade, there’s a proper front, side, and back that invites people to decorate around the lamp or lean things against it.”

Noctambule by Konstantin Grcic for Flos.

A fan of legos, designer Konstantin Grcic pondered the children’s toy to dream up the hand-blown glass Noctambule for Flos. The modules can be stacked, allowing for maximum impact in spaces graced with high ceilings.

“Making this system work was quite challenging because it had to be hand-blown glass in order to be something very soft, still flowing, and not cold and sterile,” Grcic told ArchiExpo e-Magazine during the design event.

The glass parts have millimeters of difference, while the connecting parts come out of a projection-molding tool and are super precise and you have to fit the two together.”

The OE Quasi Light by Olafur Eliasson for Louis Poulsen

Perhaps the geometry-savvy know that an icosahedron is a form with 20 faces and 12 vertices. That’s the rigid aluminum outer layer of aluminum that Olafur Eliasson designed for the OE Quasi Light for Louis Poulsen a dodecahedron (a form with 12 faces and 20 vertices). Inside is a dodecahedron (a form with 12 faces and 20 vertices).

“These shapes both originate from nature. You’d find them in minerals or crystals,” Eliasson told ArchiExpo e-Magazine during the design event.

I also wanted to do something where you see the mechanics or the machine first and that is the outer skin. It’s a little like in my artwork, where you very often see the artistic agenda, and then you see how that artistic agenda is made.”

UpTown for Foscarini

A hi-rise climbs sky high with the tempered screen-printed glass, acrylic, and chrome-plated metal UpTown lamp by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini.

“When we select something, we are attracted to or interested in the general idea,” Carlo Urbinati, founder and managing director of Foscarini on the company’s philosophy on new designs, told ArchiExpo e-Magazine during the design event.

Then we try to focus and enhance the major characteristics that, in our opinion, will make it the next Foscarini lamp.”

Euroluce—What’s Hot in the World of Lighting

UpTown for Foscarini. Courtesy of Foscarini.

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