KONE DX Class, a Smart Elevator that Rejects Bacteria

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As the fight against bacteria becomes an ever-pressing battle for public and apartment buildings, the new KONE DX Class elevator series has anti-stain, anti-scratch and anti-bacterial surfaces.

It’s also doted as “the world’s first elevator series with built-in digital connectivity as standard.”

In November 2019, KONE Corporation launched its new KONE DX Class elevator series to provide the market with the world’s first elevator with a built-in digital connectivity. Already in European markets since December 2019, the KONE DX Class elevator series will soon roll out to other areas in 2021-2021.

Beyond hyper-digital, taking smart buildings to a new level, the elevator series fits today’s standards for hygiene care with its anti-stain, anti-scratch and anti-bacterial surfaces.

The company is also changing its business model—as the series combines technology, new materials, apps and services—by providing a new user experience. Once entering the building, users can experience intuitive and connected experiences starting in the lobby and within the building. Developers and building owners can adapt and upgrade the elevator as needs evolve, with the option of plugging in additional software and services.

“We are merging the technologies of tomorrow with the buildings of today to put the ‘smart’ into smart buildings,” Tomio Pihkala, EVP, New Equipment Business, KONE, stated in a press release.

We are changing our business profoundly towards a platform business. This means combining products and services over the lifetime of a building, which is very powerful. KONE DX Class will make elevator journeys more user-friendly, more enjoyable and more sustainable, meeting the changing needs of infrastructure, buildings and services for years to come.”

KONE uses open application programming interfaces (APIs) so that managing and integrating various devices, apps and services is easier.

According to the company’s press release, every KONE DX Class elevator provides:

The option for customers to easily and remotely activate digital services when they need to, including KONE 24/7 Connected Services and KONE Residential Flow.

Secure APIs for third-party solutions, which create new and exciting services. KONE is also announcing agreements with a number of companies, such as Blindsquare; Robotise; Soundtrack Your Brand and more, to bring new levels of sophistication to the people flow experience.

A whole new variety of design options and innovations, including anti-stain, anti-scratch, and anti-bacterial surfaces.

Advanced dynamic display, sound and lighting options to transform the ambiance and interior.

A range of sustainable materials to meet green building criteria like BREEAM and LEED.

Kone's DX Class elevators will be super connected.
Kone's DX Class elevators will be super connected.

KONE DX Class elevators – Connecting more than floors

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