Editor’s Picks: Outdoor Furniture and Lighting for Best Exteriors 2021

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As we slowly transition out of the winter season, there are a number of incredible outdoor furniture pieces to consider when preparing exterior settings this year.

The time is now. As the cold temperatures begin to settle in seasonal areas of the globe, the focus is on exteriors with a number of amazing furniture pieces on the market. Handwoven lanterns designed by Stephen Burks for Dedon are one of the top outdoor lighting pieces that will stand out this summer. The Nui outdoor lamp collection designed by Meneghello Paolelli for Luceplan is another delight. We all have our favorite brands that we can count on and, in this article, we point out a few of the products we fell head over heels for at first sight.

Mūn Rechargeable Lantern by Stellar Works

The Shanghai-based manufacturer Stellar Works has recently launched Mūn, a portable lantern designed by the Danish OEO Studio, adding to the brand’s series of elegant outdoor furniture. The Mūn rechargeable lantern belongs to the first lighting collection launched by Stellar Works and draws inspiration from analog experiences and rituals, such as playing vinyl on a record player or taking photos with a camera. The lantern is fitted with a sturdy silicon strap that makes it easy and flexible to use around the home and garden, either used as a table centerpiece for outdoor gatherings and picnics or hung on the wall for a diffused glow.

Handwoven Lanterns by Stephen Burks for Dedon

Furniture and design company Dedon launched their new lighting collection called The Others design by American designer Stephen Burks. The collection includes 12 lanterns that come in different sizes that can stand on a milled marble base. The lanterns can either be stacked on top of each other or hung on outdoor posts and ceilings.

The lamps are all handwoven from the Philippines and they are also adorned with acrylic appliques that add character to its appearance and make each woven piece unique. The light can also be controlled via a remote control that comes with the lamps and can be ideal to be situated on the terrace or garden spaces.

Outdoor Lamps that Blend Well with Nature

Springtime has arrived and with the flowering season comes garden lamps that blend well with nature. Spanish lighting brand, Marset has released their new outdoor floor lamps called Ginger early this year and they are ideal to be placed along outdoor pathways or in the garden where it can light up the flora and fauna surrounding it. Designed by Marset’s in-house designer, Joan Gaspar, the Ginger bollard floor lamps are built with aluminum, making them last longer outside and resist natural weather conditions. It is available in different heights and color finishes that include black, warm and rust-brown.

Sculptural lighting pieces made with concrete

A much-needed upgrade in style and form for standard outdoor lamps was achieved when Italian product designers Meneghello Paolelli created sculptural lamps called Nui for lighting company Luceplan. The outdoor lamp collection includes light grey concrete floor and wall lamps that are overlaid in between two cylindrical volumes, with the upper block that serves as the housing of the light source hidden from view, and the lower semi-spherical block that acts as the support and as the diffuser at the same time.

Meneghello Paolelli also created an extension product from the Nui lighting collection called the Nui Mini lamp, which has a glass base instead of a concrete block and built with a custom 4W LED circuit 2700K CRI 90. The Nui Mini lamps are rechargeable and can be placed on outdoor and indoor tables.

Grill Outdoor Furniture Collection by MUT Design Studio for Diabla

Spanish design studio MUT Design created a refreshing new set of outdoor furniture for Diabla called Grill, and it includes sofas, centerpiece tables, armchairs, bar stools and tables in summer colors of pink, yellow, white, blue and more. Designed in 2017, it is the first collection that MUT Design created for Diabla, which is now being promoted for summer 2021. The outdoor furniture collection’s look is arty and Mondrian-inspired, with armchairs and sofas framed in powder-coated aluminum structured grills that support the foam cushion covered in removable water-resistant upholstery fabric. The whole furniture set is ideal for outdoor settings during a barbecue or for lounging on the terrace and garden during hot summer days.

Dining Outdoors on Wooden Tables and Chairs from Roda

Celebrating its 30th year anniversary this 2021, Italian furniture company Roda released their new outdoor dining and lounge collection called Levante, designed by Italian architect Pierro Lissoni. The new outdoor furniture collection includes tables, chairs and sun loungers all made in wood and designed to fit in any classic outdoor space. Comfort was prioritized during the design process of the collection, contributing to generous dimensions for each piece and the addition of soft cushions laid out on the chairs that make it comfortable to use for longer periods of use and lounging.

Lounging on Eco-friendly Outdoor Rugs by Nanimarquina

Rugs and carpets are making their way outside the home, with Barcelona-based rug company Nanimarquina releasing their new collection of environment-friendly outdoor line rugs for 2021 called Tres Outdoor. Designed by Nani Marquina and Elisa Padron, the rugs from the Tres Outdoor collection offer comfort when relaxing beside the pool or on the terrace area and transports the warmth of interior spaces to the outdoors. Each piece comes in different sizes and can be piled on top of each other, giving more style and comfort when used. Each rug is made with different fiber blends that give thickness and texture and are 100 % recyclable PET, a material produced through the process of recovery and reuse of polyethylene (PET) waste. Recycled PET presents a high resistance to wear and offers good thermal properties, which makes it a perfect fiber for outdoor rugs.

The Outdoor Café Vibe with Coffee Table Sets from Vestre

Norwegian brand Vestre has been creating cool pieces of modern outdoor chairs, tables and plant pots that can be found in museums, public spaces and cafés and having a coffee table set from Vestre in your own home can be an interesting way to change the atmosphere of your outdoor garden or terrace.

The company has released a new range of outdoor furniture called Munch with modern coffee table sets, lounge chairs and benches that can last a long time in outdoor spaces. The collection features an ergonomic design that offers a high level of comfort and consists of a layer of elastic steel grid that covers a simple steel frame, with or without molded cushions. Vestre also announced last March 2021 that they would be including the carbon footprints in each of their products, a first for any furniture manufacturer in the world to do so, with the Munch outdoor furniture range included as one of their collections with declared carbon footprints.

Designed by Andreas Engesvik and Jonas Stokke, the Munch range of furniture can be seen at the new Munch Museum in Oslo and it also won the DOGA Center Design and Architecture Award this year. The designers shared details about their award-winning line of furniture last March 24, 2021, in an online event called Let’s Meet at the Vestre Venue.

Grill by MUT Design Studio for Diabla.
Grill by MUT Design Studio for Diabla.

Mūn Rechargeable Lantern as seen in the showroom. Great for indoors or outdoors.

The Others.

Ginger by Joan Gaspar for Marset.

Tres Outdoor: the bestseller now for outdoor

Munich outdoor furniture collection.

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