Floor and Wall Surfaces and Carpets for 2021

Vanessa Liwanag
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From modern stoneware tiles to tribal-inspired rugs, here are some great options for floor tiles, wall covering solutions and carpets for homes.

Petra, the latest porcelain stoneware tiles from Casalgrande Padana

Italian ceramic tile company Casalgrande Padana released a new collection of porcelain stoneware tiles in April 2021 called Petra, inspired by the natural elegance of stone. The tile collection comes in different neutral shades called Anthracite, Bianca, Grigia, Oro, Perla and Sabbia and five different formats that included small 20 x 20 cm tiles, classic 30 x 60 cm and 60 x 60 cm tiles, as well as the large 60 x 120 cm format. The tile collection’s natural surface is ideal for use indoors and the 20 mm thick anti-slip surface of the tiles makes it perfect to use outdoors. In addition,the tiles have polypropylene supports, available with fixed or adjustable heights that can make it possible for raised flooring outdoors, with a gap beneath the floor to accommodate electrical and plumbing systems.

The Petra tiles can be used for floors and walls which allows a smooth harmonious look for the space. The new collection can also be complemented by 30 x 30 cm mosaics , with 5 x 5 cm or 5 x 15 cm tesserae and a new series of brick-effect porcelain stoneware decorations.

Argille, the new floor and wall covering from HDSurface created from clay

Italy-based indoor and outdoor covering solutions company HDSurface has released in March 2021 a new collection of wall and floor covering called Argille. Stemming from the firm’s 40-year old motto of sourcing from matter to surface, the collection is crafted from an eco-compatible recipe that consists of blended clay, vegetable cellulose fibre, natural lime and micronised powdered marble. It has a granular composition that creates a richly wrinkled surface that transforms reflected light into a suffused gleam. It can also be easily spread onto vertical surfaces, and with each manual action a decorative effect is formed on the wall or floor surface, bringing warmth and texture to interiors.

The colors of the Argille collection were created by adding colored soil and oxides to the clay mixture. There are 24 hues to choose from in a broad spectrum ranging from neutral colors to very tactile earthy tones, through to blues, reds and greens.

Sierra, the new collection from the Axminster range of TSAR Carpets

Inspired by Iceland’s historic and impressive female-led weaving industry and the natural beauty of the country’s stark and craggy landscape, TSAR Carpets released in February 2021 their new collection under their Axminster range called Sierra. The collection was designed by TSAR’s in-house designer, Charlotte McGeehan and it features natural and earthy tones in five distinct patterns that range from geological motifs to glacial-like elements which offer a sense of tranquility that complements any interior of a modern home. The carpets have textures that derive from labor-intensive jacquard weaving techniques which were digitally translated into broadloom Axminster carpet designs.

The Sierra collection is ideal to use for indoor spaces and specifications, colors and design can also be altered to suit any home interior space.

Siamo Tutti Uno rug collection from Carpet Edition X Robert Mari and Silvia Zylberman Pio

In 2020, the Italian firm, Carpet Edition collaborated with Italian designer Robert Mari and Polish-Brazilian designer Silvia Zylberman Pio to release inspiring and thought-provoking rugs under the collection called Siamo Tutti Uno (translated as We are all one). It is a beautiful collection of rugs conceived to give a voice to the indigenous people from the Amazon, who are always subjected to violent genocide, slavery and racism in the name of progress and civilization.

Mari and Zylberman Pio share cultural fusion and the love of integration among styles and different languages, and they were able to design a collection of surprising visual impact, capable of communicating emotion and telling a story.

The Siamo Tutti Uno collection includes 7 rugs, each of them telling a story and a tribute to the lifestyle of the Amazon populations. The designs of the Urihi and Kyrin are inspired by the Kaiapó body paintings, the Memby Yellow evokes childhood decorations, the graphics of the Exas Blue is a message of good health, and the form of each one echo the arrow used for hunting. Made by hand, the rugs can be used individually or in combination freely matching bright colors and geometric designs.

Carpet Edition will contribute a percentage of the sales of every rug in the Siamo Tutti Uno collection to Survival International, the worldwide movement dedicated to indigenous populations.

Siamo Tutti Uno rug collection.
Siamo Tutti Uno rug collection.



Siamo Tutti Uno rug collection.

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