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SKUM. BIG Architects + Chart art fair

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Inflatable stand

With such high-level collaborators, our boundaries are expanding to places we never knew existed. Skum (foam in English) is literally based on the most basic principles of inflatables and uses these to deliver spectacular results.

BIG Architects, the prestigious firm of architects, was selected to design a mobile structure at the request of three Danish institutions: Tuborg Brewery, Chart art Fair and ARoS, Aarhus Kunstmuseum. The premise was that it should be easy to transport while at the same time break with the classic form of the retractable roofs used to shield the VIP space against the frequent Danish rain.

The solution put forward by BIG makes use of the sphere, the most basic inflatable shape, giving it a very elegant and creative treatment. Jakob Lange, one of the shareholders at BIG, captures perfectly the qualities of inflatables, expressing to the maximum the paradoxical relationship between usable covered space and transport volume and ease of assembly/ disassembly.

Skum is a cross between a bubble and a cloud and was erected at the Roskilde Festival in June. It will be put up again in Copenhagen city centre in August as a meeting point for the Chart Art Fair contemporary art festival. In 2017, it will end up in the ARoS museum of contemporary art in 2017.


Inflated measures: 18,75 x 16,10 x 9,80m

Folding measures: 1,2 x 1,4 x 1,1 meters

Used fabric: 1.300 m2

Daily power: 3,5 KW

Inflation time: 7 minutes

Covered surface: 120m2


Roskilde stand
Roskilde stand

Inflatable stand

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