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If it is indeed an element of furniture present in all the houses, it is the chair! This postulate, so obvious, prompted the company AREA to build a range of street furniture around this subject so familiar, yet equally as indispensable to the public space as to the private space.

By adding a stool and a counter, the Antibes and Nice ranges abolish the interior / exterior border.

These pieces of furniture reflect the AREA Company’s commitment to a simple principle that it is now necessary to encourage in public spaces: to find outdoor the intimacy and conviviality that one feels at home to work, relax, or share a coffee...

Chair and bench ANTIBES illustrate the work carried out on the idea of ​​individual scale in urban areas, which meets the expectations of new urban uses.

The simple seats NICE, arranged in islands, or associated with models ANTIBES, invite to friendliness and sharing.

The NICE counter, minimalist and functional, reflects the image of a dynamic city in which it is no longer enough to sit down. At the same time place of sharing and consultation, the counter supports an increasingly connected way of life that goes always faster.

The ANTIBES & NICE range have recently been awarded the LILA 2017 (Landezine International Landscape Award) in the "Product" category.


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