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Arper presents Arper Lab

Are we smart enough for smart working or learning?

We are witnessing a rapid and unpredictable evolution of the scenarios in which we work, travel, meet other people and share moments of learning and relaxation. This revolution is so overwhelming that it makes us question not only our habits and rhythms, but also the very relationship we have with places and moments we believed were well defined. Work occupies new, adapted, diversified spaces – closer to home or even inside our homes. Learning in a traditional classroom is not a given anymore and neither is celebrating an academic achievement.

This is Arper Lab, a new space for in-depth analysis on the Arper website, developed to observe the changes in our habits and priorities, in this particular moment and beyond. Editorials, surveys and interviews with international experts and designers on design trends and current affairs, edited by the journalists Valentina Croci and Donatella Bollani, will help paint a picture of the transformation of spaces and practices.

The Arper Lab aims to stimulate dialogue and identify the reasoning behind the project of the future.

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