A brand new look: Risorgimento square in Avezzano

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Outdoor / Urban space / Avezzano / Abruzzo

In the Avezzano project, ambition was the keyword. Not only had we to redevelop Risorgimento square, the beating heart of the city in Abruzzo. We also committed to give it a brand new look, in harmony with contemporary values of urban design. In essence, our duty was to make it today's people-friendly.

Our Moonlight travertine had all it took to accomplish this mission; so we extracted it, cut it and finish it to cover the new fountain and the pavement of the square with our tiles at a millimetric scale.

Our client appreciated our travertine's potential from both the expressive and functional point of view. That's why he also wanted to place some of our Cavo benches to complete the renewal of this space with a solid and resistant piece of urban design.

The success of the inauguration gave us a positive feedback on the feeling about this project, a blending of classic elements and a contemporary mood for a brand new experience of urban spaces.

Overview of Risorgimento square
Overview of Risorgimento square

The new fountain, pavement and benches in Moonlight travertine on the Risorgimento square

A detail of the fountain

The brand new fountain covered in Moonlight travertine from Italy

Cavo benches

Our travertine Cavo benches, in both bright and dark travertine from Italy

Detail of the fountain

A closer look to the fountain and the pattern of our Moonlight travertine

The travertine fountain

The fountain cladded with light Italian travertine

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