“A history in a POCKET”

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Can you enclose in just 2 cm tradition, experience, passion, success and identity?

Now symbol of a consolidated company, Pocket represents an absolute tradition for Arrmet, a bit like a good-luck charm that you can not miss to put in your suitcase, also a little like the sign of a timeless distilled tradition to carry into the future.

Enclosed in 2 cm, Pocket is the chair that has made the history of folding chairs for the past 20 years.

Pocket-size, the name says it. Pocket is compact, functional and universal, it knows how to be stylish, fun or minimalist with a unique immediacy.

“Maximum linearity in minimum space” The words of designers Robby Cantarutti and Francesca Petricich describe the Pocket soul, a chair that aside from “disappearing” in the smallest possible space, allows to optimize the overall dimensions even during transport, in warehouses, and in the stores.

The hinge made of polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber is the mark of the true uniqueness of Arrmet’s Pocket. A unique locking system in the world, which combined with the steel structure completes the simplicity and allows the folding chair to remain even after 20 years an irreplaceable chair, and now representative of the importance of Arrmet values, always manufacturer of innovative and functional chairs.

“A history in a POCKET”

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