Fountain decoration

Astel d.o.o.
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Spectacle with fountain underwater lights

Astel’s outside path and flood lights are designed for illumination of different buildings and their surroundings, parking and paths, as well as for water features like fountains. Fountains have become very popular recently, not only in public spaces like city centres and entertainments, but also in parks and gardens of our houses.

For many people there is no better atmosphere than near the water. It can be the sea, lake or different water features that have a relaxing effect on us. We can make interesting atmosphere with water on our garden. There is no need to think about building a pool, but a small fountain can satisfy all our expectations. To make a fountain more interesting and visible at night, the underwater illumination is a right decision. With fountain led lights of Cascada series we can create and enjoy in our own beautiful water illuminated spectacle.

Cascada series is a modular stainless steel fountain light with different cable installations, as well as outdoor or underwater mounting options. It is available in warm white, cool white and RGB multi-color lighting and different mounting assemblies. The lights follow modern technical and architectural trends and provide the user with a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.

Fountain decoration

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