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IMAGE'IN Planters - The extent of the art of the "custom made"

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Magnificent achievement fully custom made

Image'In sign a new project in both Design and high quality. Here we find a precise and meticulous arrangement where each planters found there place.

All Colors and Shapes !

There are no two identical pots. Variations of shape, height or color to create this atmosphere that is both dynamic and warm.

Perfect integration !

The plant containers are designed to integrate automatic watering passages completely concealed. The same goes for the power supply of lights. Furthermore, reservations have been made to integrate the electrical outlets directly on the planters.

Clever accessories !

Supports have been added on some planters in the same format of the lights they host. Small tables were designed on the same basis as planters to maintain a harmony of shapes and colors. His ceramic plate surface ensures easy maintenance and a perfect durability for outdoor use.

In total privacy !

A true hedge Bamboo! Along the railing, large planters welcome these high plants, creating a visual barrier. This gives all the necessary privacy both on the terrace and indoors, behind the large windows.

Guarantee of quality !

The Image'In flower boxes are custom-made in Fiber-cement, a frost resistant and rot-proof material. It requires no maintenance and is resistant to the most adverse weather conditions (rain, frost, UV ...). They are lacquered with a liquid two-component polyurethane paint and then varnish. A technic similar to automobile paint system, which guarantees a very good stability over time. A limitless palette of colors (all colors of the RAL color chart or by cons-typing) in matt, satin, gloss or micronized (sandy) finish.

The pots are equipped with adjustable pads for accurate adjustment, perfect alignment of the pots and a good distribution of fulcrums.

Let your imagination, we will achieve it together

IMAGE'IN Planters -  The extent of the art of the "custom made"

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