What colours are trending this year ?

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Here’s what’s hot for 2019 in furniture and decoration colours.

Green is the favourite shade at the start of the year. It’s in all the design products, interior and exterior alike. It harks back to plants, it’s modern and ever present in the city, it represents a new kind of nature that architects and landscape gardeners showcase in their projects bringing more humanity.

Mathilde, designer at Aubrilam, talks to us about how colour can stir feelings:

“We like these dense, dark greens that transport us into the heart of the forest, other lighter and slightly greyer shades like sage green make for a soothing atmosphere.”

The second shade in the spotlight is pink. It blends perfectly with green, but can also be teamed up with darker shades, according to Mathilde, pink softens and poetise spaces.

Finally, the third shade we’ve chosen for this year is that evoking the earth: “terracota”. You’ll also see it in “rust” with randomly subtle effects to achieve the look of materials shaped by time. It will be combined with natural materials such as raw wood.

These new shades will bring a unique touch to new urban projects to enhance spaces for one-of-kind, vibrant vibe.

2019 trendy colors
2019 trendy colors

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