DOMINA Smart: anti-intrusion and video intercom, the great innovations of the integrated AVE system

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AVE presents the great innovations that perfect DOMINA Smart system: anti-intrusion and video intercom integrate with home automation to create a latest generation smart home.

DOMINA Smart is the revolutionary AVE platform that meet all the modern needs of tech living: a single integrated and IoT ready system that concentrates all AVE technological systems. Home automation, anti-intrusion and video intercom combine with remote control and voice commands to expand both the system possibilities and the professionals’ opportunities who can design advanced smart homes, equipped with all that clients wish.

The great innovations of DOMINA Smart world are anti-intrusion and video intercom. AVE has developed two extremely advanced systems, which in combination with home automation, further validate the DOMINA Smart proposal.

The AVE DOMINA Smart Anti-intrusion range enlarges with new products and features, offering a flexible and professional system where, at the centre, there are the innovative smart IoT central units. Complete with integrated Wi-Fi module and web server, these wired/wireless anti-intrusion central units share a single integrated platform with AVE home automation and the related app, and include advanced test and monitoring functions (even remotely) for quick and precise installation. Also the new remote control is innovative and enhanced by customizable smart features (up to 6), with the possibility - in the presence of a home automation supervisor in the system - to recall home automation scenarios (which can also be configured using the daily time programmer). For a correct protection of the rooms, AVE offers a wide range of radio detectors and peripherals that can be controlled by central units, which allow to create a state-of-the-art mixed wired/wireless solution through a two-way dual-band radio system with GFSK digital modulation for greater security and operational reliability.

AVE also introduces the new line dedicated to video intercom, which enhances DOMINA Smart through two external audio-video doorbell (an extremely robust and resistant model with an anti-vandal metal structure and an aluminium and glass “Villa” design model with Sensitive Touch front - inspired by Allumia 44 series) and the revolutionary internal station “Viva-Voice” with touch screen display. In particular, this last solution stands out because it’s the largest video intercom in its category, a highly advanced device capable of performing also the monitoring of video cameras and supervision of DOMINA technological systems - in addition to the video door entry functions.

Anti-intrusion and video intercom are the great DOMINA Smart innovations that, together with the advanced AVE home automation proposal, define a professional system, complete flexible and reliable, quick to install, simple to manage and to propose, a single wide integrated system for the last generation smart home.

DOMINA Smart: anti-intrusion and video intercom, the great innovations of the integrated AVE system

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