Touch switches: the style signature of a contemporary home

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AVE touch switches become the style signature of an Italian contemporary home thanks to their design and tehcnology

AVE touch switches become the style signature of a contemporary home. The case under consideration involves a private villa located in Provaglio d'Iseo, in the Italian province of Brescia. Here, Ave Touch control technology was used for the electrical system combined with the Young Touch front plates. The latter choice has generated a very appreciable result from an aesthetic point of view thanks to the ultra-thin design in moulded technopolymer that distinguishes this line. The colored body of the plate merges with a transparent external surface defining a new sense of depth and generating a perception of three-dimensionality. The function of the commands is instead emphasized through the use of a LED backlight which, shining through the back of the plate, indicates to the end user the exact point to touch in order to control the relative action.

The advantage of choosing AVE Young Touch is not only aesthetic. In fact, these plates allow you to embrace high- quality touch technology at low cost. They also offer a complete and coordinated series of front plates with window (Young 44): this means that, as in this case, it’s possible to create mixed systems where the touch switches and the Young Touch front plates are inserted in the points of greater visibility while sockets, emergency lamps and other devices can be completed with traditional finishing front plates giving life to a versatile solution, in full continuity with the rest of the electrical system.

The Young 44 / Young Touch range currently offers a catalogue that boasts 18 different color variations, 5 of which are enhanced by a revolutionary treatment called “3D COLOR” which allows to obtain colors with exclusive three-dimensional effects. In the case of the Brescia villa, the neutral white color complies with the overall project and goes well with the solutions of the AVE Domus 100 wiring accessories series.

Thanks to new materials and new finishes, AVE touch switches fit nicely into any context, offering, as in this case, cutting-edge solutions, to give a touch of style to any building.

Touch switches: the style signature of a contemporary home

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