Hotel Management: AVE signs a fabulous B&B

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AVE design and innovations offer a new way of conceiving hospitality within the Michela BB & Relais

Immersed in the green hills near Lake Garda, Michela BB & Relais hosts AVE hotel management solutions to translate hospitality into a fabulous experience.

Finely furnished in every detail, this B&B integrates an advanced access control system which allows guests to move independently by means of personalized cards. In fact, AVE cards are exceptionally safe and cannot be cloned and allow the opening of the entrance gate, in addition to the bedroom door and the enabling of room services once inserted into the appropriate internal reader. Furthermore, this increases energy savings when the room is unoccupied.

The Ave Touch technology, here combined with the ultra-thin Vera Touch front plates in white glass, further confirms this structure. A high-quality technology that exhibits a minimalist design and at the same time guarantees maximum practicality: the guest can control the light and integrated automations with a simple touch. From an aesthetic point of view, this solution is also combined with the Vera 44 plates which integrate the readers for access control, the white elements of the electrical system (AVE Domus 100 series) and the specific module for managing the sound system present in the rooms.

The AVE design and innovations dedicated to Hotel Management are inserted in the environments of Michela BB & Relais present a new way of living and conceiving hospitality, which underlines the aesthetic choices while implementing new services and functionalities to offer a fabulous welcome.

Hotel Management: AVE signs a fabulous B&B

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