Awa Faucet ANGO Basin Mixer at "Scent of Music" By NewRxid Design

Awa Faucet
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Lugang, Taiwan

This house is located in one of most historical place in Lukang, Taiwan.

A private residence house with sited facing west. The designer uses classic texture of "Grey and White", inspiration with minimalist style. Simplicity atmosphere extended with white color texture and surface to a neutral finishes.

The scheme of this project, an airy striking vertical sidelines space link up with separated areas. The mainstream of large column surface resolve the original design of two layers and finishing with perfect scaled segment. 

The main wall in between living and dining areas, a comfortable dining environment and at same time the hollow see through design inspiring the joyful dining time.

In designing the loft and basement spaces, staircase is one of most important feature, especially in this architecture. We've designed from shape, structure, and use different materials to create a unique staircase. Unchanged as simplicity, a mix of wood and marble, top with wood and from middle parts use marble slab extension to table terrace. The lights and shades reflect beautifully in between the gaps of the staircase.

Awa Faucet ANGO Basin Mixer
Awa Faucet ANGO Basin Mixer

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