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NEW: column cover by AZEK Building Products

Low-maintenance AZEK Column Wrap, made of durable cellular PVC, is easy to install – even by just one person. It features three connected panels with press fit lock seams that, when folded together, wrap easily around the structural support. The fourth panel then locks into place and creates a tight and secure enclosure around the structural post. When completed, the AZEK Column Wrap provides a nicely finished smooth exterior surface. Interior corner details provide additional surface area to enhance the bonding between panels.

Available in white matte, smooth Traditional finish, AZEK Column Wrap comes in sizes that fit around structural 4 X 4, 6 X 6 and 8 X 8 posts. It is available in 10ft. lengths so it can be customized to fit any application up to that height. AZEK Column Wrap does not require additional milling or painting, although it has excellent paint adhesion if a color is desired. It resists cupping, swelling and chipping for lasting good looks.

AZEK Column Wrap can be easily embellished with AZEK Trim or AZEK Moulding profiles to provide a custom look. Like all AZEK Trim products, AZEK Column Wrap is designed to last beautifully, impervious to moisture and insects and covered by a 25-year Limited Warranty.

All AZEK Column Wraps are available in White only.

Use with AZEK Adhesive


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