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To be able to provide handcrafted products with high quality, we have carefully selected skilled craftsman that manufactures all our products in Sweden.

The collection is suitable for both private and public spaces and involves cabinet hardware, door handles and wall hangers. We are specialised in solid brass and copper hardware in modern design, also in chrome and colour coatings.


This model is part of the collection SQUARE. A beautiful model here in solid brass (also in copper and chrome). The brass and the copper come in polished and brushed finish.

No: KH 1 M Wall hanger, polished brass,120x87x20mm, 67 c/c

No: KH 1 MB Wall hanger, brushed brass,120x87x20mm, 67 c/c

No: KH 1 K Wall hanger, chrome,120x87x20mm, 67 c/c

No: KH 1 C Wall hanger, polished copper,120x87x20mm, 67 c/c

No: KH 1 CB Wall hanger, brushed copper,120x87x20mm, 67 c/c

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Malin Bäccman and Fia Berglund


  • B&B Sweden, Bäccman & Berglund Sweden