HELLO by Stephan Hürlemann

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Hello is also the perfect lighting partner for all cases in other areas and enables multiple-room lighting concepts. When the connections are in the wrong places, the ceiling in an old building is not strong enough for installation or that corridor with pictures is difficult to light, Hello offers the perfect solution for all those problems. The flexible system can be fastened to the ceiling, wall or even floor, and the carrier cable can be stretched both horizontally and vertically.

While halogen was still being used with Metro, Hello uses LED. The reworked system caters for energy savings, long service life and low heat generation. Two different luminaire typologies are used thereby – pill-shaped floodlights and spherical spotlights for individual lighting. With spotlights, the light is bundled and with floodlights scattered. Accent lighting and two-dimensional general lighting can both be produced with Hello. Due to its transparent architecture and elegant design, Hello formally appears natural and low-key while radiating its own identity at the same time.

Hello will be available from selected Belux dealers from autumn 2016.

HELLO by Stephan Hürlemann

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