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BERA B.V. awarded with prestigious CRADLE TO CRADLE certificate!

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BERA B.V. awarded with prestigious CRADLE TO CRADLE certificate!

We are proud and pleased to announce that, witnessed by the Prime Minister of Czech Republic and the Deputy Head of Mission of the Netherlands Embassy, we have received the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver for our core product BERA Gravel Fix Pro® in white colour. The certificate was handed by the assessors Tebodin Bilfinger on 26th September 2015.

BERA Gravel Fix Pro, a sustainable application, sustainably manufactured.

What is Cradle to Cradle?

From day #1 BERA has strived towards a fully ecological production cycle as part of our Vision and Mission statements. This approach has been differentiating us among competition and supported our customer’s own vision to supply sustainable products to their professional and retail clients. Large multinationals have appreciated that over the past years and that BERA has been growing simultaneously.

In 2014 we have requested Tebodin-Bilfinger to independently asses our manufacturing processes following the Cradle to Cradle standards. Now, we confirm that architects, engineering corporations, communities, investors and contractors can be assured that using BERA Gravel Fix® Pro is a full sustainability experience. No other similar product offers the assurance to the customer to this extend. (Check this link for more details,

High scores for our product following quality categories:

- material health

- material reutilisation

- renewable energy and carbon management

- water stewardship

- social fairness

Here is our scores -

Does it cost more?

We can assure you that although this ‘exercise’ was not without cost, we will not transfer any of these cost to our clients. It is our investment for assurance to our clients that we are serious about sustainability - not only words, but facts. The certified products comes to you without any additional charges!

We trust that you and your customer will again appreciate this next level of professionalism.

We look forward to a great future and count on your support. Thank you.


Rob J. Addink

BERA B.V. awarded with prestigious CRADLE TO CRADLE certificate!

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