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NEW: HDPE turf paver by BERA B.V.

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BERA GRASS FIX™ Eco is a versatile yet strong method to reinforce your green areas. Most grass pavers made of concrete, tend to heat up causing the grass to dry out and scorch, creating discomfort for bare foot pedestrians. Due to the low thermal conductive properties of HDPE, BERA GRASS FIX™ Eco solves this problem. No more discomfort! Furthermore expansion of less than 0.29% per meter length at a temperature of 50 ˚C due to sun exposure, is normal.


Landscaping urban areas

Residential gardens

Parking and grass driveways

Paths and service access routes

Features and benefits of BERA GRASS FIX™ Eco:

Versatile modules with anti-slip nods, 60 x 40 cm with a honeycomb structure depth of 3.1 cm

Easily cut around obstacles such as trees, shrubs or fences

Fully porous, yet retaining humidity for the growth of the grass

Anchored and interlocked sheets provide a stable base

Strength empty up to 115 T/m2 - DIN 14090

European Union manufacturing following directives of ISO9001 and 14001

Environmentally friendly solution, made of recycled HDPE and fully recyclable

NEW: HDPE turf paver by BERA B.V.

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